Tiki is an eleven-year-old female Australian Red Border Collie with a passion for learning new tricks and showcasing her skills at live events. Throughout her youth, Tiki excelled in the sports of agility and flying disc, as well as in the art of canine freestyle, also known as dog dancing. Her talent has earned her recognition, including being featured on the Home Shopping Network website, as well as appearing in the television series “The Advocate” and the award-winning short film “Linda.” Recently, Tiki has also made appearances in a video production for Knowbe4 and a Publix television commercial, further demonstrating her versatility and star power.


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Tiki on holiday shoot for Home Shopping Network

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Tiki on national ad campaign shoot for Tradewinds Island Resort on St. Pete Beach

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Tiki loves her brother, Stoke!

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Tiki on set at Lightwave Media

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Trainer, Cassie Kennedy works with Tiki setting up for the shoot.

Tiki canine actor and dog model

Tiki reminding shoppers that the holiday season is upon us!


Tiki closes out the “feels” in this Publix Commercial.