Since she was a child, Cassie Kennedy, one of the owners of Ohana K9 Actors, dreamed of training dogs or starring in films. As a child, she taught her own dogs tricks and filmed them in short little skits for YouTube.

In her later years, Cassie began to perform at shows with her dogs to show the world the amazing tricks they could do! At just 20 years old, she became a professional pet dog trainer and discovered her love for training dogs to act and model on sets after attending Animal Behavior College.

Her first feature was a series of kids’ music videos featuring her Border Collie, Renegade. Their initial video, “I’m In Love with My Doggy”, received 11 million views on YouTube, and is still growing.

Her Border Collie, Tiki, is the star of “Linda” a short film she produced this year. Tiki will also appear in “The Advocate”, a limited TV series.

Together with her Belgian Malinois, Beck, they recently filmed their first feature film. In May 2023, the film will premiere. Cassie’s dogs are also professional models, and some of her clients include The Home Shopping Network, TradeWinds Resort, and Wells Fargo Bank.