Ohana Dogs and Ohana K9 Actors Sponsorship Media Kit

Why you should align your brand with ours

Thank you for considering the exciting opportunity to sponsor the Ohana Dogs and Ohana K9 Actors. Led by renowned trainer Cassie Kennedy, our pack of K9s is not only highly skilled in acting and training but also actively participates in various dog sports competitions at local, national, and even world championship levels. With regular appearances in television commercials, movies, and television shows for nationally and internationally known brands and products, our dogs offer a unique and compelling sponsorship opportunity for dog-focused businesses like yours.

Why Sponsor Ohana Dogs and Ohana K9 Actors?

Unmatched Exposure: By sponsoring our pack, your brand will gain unparalleled exposure through our constant presence in television commercials, movies, and TV shows. With Cassie Kennedy’s well-established reputation and our dogs’ impressive skills, your brand will be showcased to a wide audience of dog enthusiasts globally.

Visibility at Events

Your brand can benefit from major visibility by sponsoring a partial or full branded vehicle wrap on our Chrysler Pacifica van, which transports our dogs to over 30 events annually. This includes dog sports competitions, shows, and movie sets, ensuring maximum exposure in the dog enthusiast category.

Social Media Reach

Gain exposure to our engaged audience of over 20,000 followers and growing on Instagram. Your brand will be featured in our posts, further amplifying your visibility and association with the esteemed Ohana brand.

Branded Merchandise

Sponsor branded merchandise for our dogs and their human handlers to use and wear at events. Additionally, your brand will be prominently displayed on banners, product placements at our show pop-up tent, and seating areas, ensuring continuous visibility throughout events.

Opportunities for Sponsorship

Product Sponsorships: Your product/service will be regularly mentioned on all Ohana websites dedicated to acting, training, and K9 actors, providing ongoing exposure to our audience.

Vehicle Wrap Sponsorship

Sponsor a partial or full branded vehicle wrap on our Chrysler Pacifica van for visibility at over 30 events per year in the dog enthusiast category.

Ohana Training Field Sponsorship

At the Ohana Training Field, nestled in the tranquil countryside just minutes east of Tampa, dog owners seeking top-notch training for their beloved companions flock to engage with Cassie, our renowned canine trainer. Whether opting for group sessions or private lessons, pet owners can expect personalized, expert guidance tailored to their dog’s unique needs. Moreover, we offer lucrative sponsorship opportunities, providing businesses with prime banner placement at multiple strategic locations throughout the facility. With pet owners known to invest significantly more in their furry friends than the average, our sponsors gain year-round exposure to a lucrative market segment, enhancing brand visibility and engagement within the thriving pet community.

Ohana’s training area offer dog food brands a conversation-tarting oppotunity followed through with recommendation to our clients.

Social Media Exposure: Your brand will be featured in our Instagram posts, reaching over 20,000 engaged followers.

Branded Merchandise Sponsorship

Sponsor branded merchandise for dogs and handlers, as well as banners and product placements at events.

Benefits of Sponsorship

Exclusive positioning in your category ensures maximum exposure.
Opportunity to attach your brand to an up-and-coming celebrity in the dog world, Cassie Kennedy, and her esteemed pack.
Flexible sponsorship options are available on an ala carte or comprehensive basis, with pricing/product exchange discussed on an individual basis.

An emergent opportunity for you quality dog brand

Sponsoring the Ohana Dogs and Ohana K9 Actors presents a unique opportunity for your brand to gain extensive exposure, align with a respected and dependable dog training, acting, and sports group, and attach your brand to an up-and-coming celebrity in the dog world. Don’t miss the chance to make your brand shine alongside Cassie Kennedy and her exceptional pack. Contact us today to discuss sponsorship opportunities and secure exclusive positioning for your brand.

Contact Information:

For inquiries and sponsorship opportunities, please contact:

Eric Kennedy, Agent

Ohana Dogs and Ohana K9 Actors
ericvkennedy@gmail.com 813.495.7199


Media link: https://ohanadogtrainingcenter.com/in-the-news/

Cassie Kennedy dog trainer

Cassie on studio set with Ren filming holiday kids special.