Looking for animal casting in Virginia? Look no further than Ohana K9 Actors, the premier dog talent agency offering exceptional training for specially selected dogs to enhance your next film or television production. Our expertly trained dogs are among the best in the business, delivering outstanding on-screen performances every time. Trust Ohana K9 Actors to provide the perfect canine companion for your production needs in Virginia.

Animal casting in Virginia

Cassie and Tiki getting to know the actors on set.

Our dogs love working on a variety of sets, and we can provide exceptional dog actors for your animal casting needs in Virginia. We offer a diverse breed list, including four border collies, one golden retriever, a Belgian Malinois, and a German Shepherd. Our dogs can be trained with your script and quickly adjust to meet your shoot’s needs, ensuring that everything runs smoothly.

Animal casting in Virginia

Cassie and director, Scott Van Diver checking out some footage on set.

Are you planning on filming in Virginia? Whether it’s a movie or a commercial, we can help you find the perfect animal to fit into your scenes. If you’re casting for an animal role in a film or commercial in Virginia, our trainer Cassie Kennedy can work with your script and train specific behaviors well in advance of filming dates, making it easy to find the perfect dog for your production!

Dean Cain RADAR

Cassie Kennedy, animal wrangler with Beck and Dean Cain while filming RADAR Adventures of The Bionic Dog.

Our K9 actors have appeared in short films, feature films, and commercials, spanning different genres from comedy to action. Whether it’s a comedic relief dog or a menacing guard dog, we can help you find the right animal companion for your project! Trust Ohana K9 Actors for all your animal casting needs in Virginia.