Murphy, a 5-year-old German Shepherd Dog with a plush coat, has recently landed a role as a K9 police dog on VH1’s “My True Crime” series. In the episode, Murphy showcases her highly trained abilities as a tracking dog, leading to a successful bust of a large shipment of smuggled marijuana. With her impressive skills and adorable appearance, Murphy has quickly become a fan favorite on the show, demonstrating the importance of well-trained K9 officers in law enforcement.

vh1 my true crime

Murphy on set with her dad, Eric V. Kennedy for VH1’s My True Crime series.

vh1 my true crime

Murphy searches a suspicious bus looking for Marijuana on VH1’s My True Crime series.

“Murphy” (left) is on set with a member of her family. “Beck. (right)”

On set with Cassie and Beck somewhere deep in the woods of Florida.